Links: The Challenge of Golf

Released: 1990
Published by: Access Software, Inc.
Developed by: Access Software, Inc.
Credits: Roger Carver, Bruce Carver, Vance Cook, Kevin Homer, John Berven, Jon Clark, Steve Witzel, David Curtin, Brent Erickson.


System Requirements

System Requirements 8088/8086 CPU, 640 KB of RAM, MCGA or VGA graphics card.
Audio support for: PC speaker, Ad Lib, PS/1 Audio Feature Card, IBM PS/2 Speech Adapter, Sound Blaster and Roland MT-32.
Original Media Five 5.25" DS/DD floppy disks or Three 3.5" DS/DD floppy disks.
Installed Size (MB) TBC



Golf games had risen in popularity with 8-bit home computers like the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, with the Leaderboard series being probably the most advanced. On the PC, one of the first golf games to push the genre further was Links: The Challenge of Golf, by Access Software. With 3D terrain and using 256-colour SVGA graphics it brought new realism to a golf computer game. It even employed clever digitised sound effects which they called RealSound(TM), including chirping birds and little quips from your caddy. The game came with a single golf course: Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA.

In 1991, Access Software released several add-ons called Links "Championship Course", including:

  • Firestone Country Club (1991)
  • Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (1991)
  • Bountiful (1991)
  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge (1991)
  • Hyatt Dorado Beach (1991)
  • Barton Creek* (1991)
  • The Belfry* (1992)
  • Mauna Kea* (1992)
  • Troon North Country Club* (1992)
  • Banff Springs* (1993)
  • Pebble Beach* (1993)
  • Innisbrook - Copperhead* (1993)
  • Bighorn* (1994)
  • Castle Pines Golf Club* (1994)
  • Riviera Country Club* (1995)
  • Prairie Dunes Country Club* (1995)
  • Cog Hill Golf & Country Club* (1995)
  • Devils Island* (1995)
  • Pelican Hill Golf Club* (1996)
  • Valhalla Golf Club* (1996)

*These add-ons are also compatible with Links 386 Pro and Microsoft Golf - both released in 1992.

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From where can it be run?

Installed to hard disk only.


Game Audio/Video

Game Audio Samples

*Sound Blaster Intro  OGG, FLAC
Game Introduction (video)
*Recorded on a Sound Blaster 16 (CT2770)


Copy Protection

Links does not have any copy protection.


How to Setup

The game comes with a setup program





To Quit the Game


Supporting Documents


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Versions of the game known to exist

Version Date Comments
1.0 1990 Original "big box" release on 5.25" or 3.5" low-density floppy disks.
1.45 1991 1991 Re-release (still under Access branding)
? 1992 Kixx budget re-release on CD-ROM